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Safety Bro® is a fun character with a bold and in-your-face way of promoting work place safety. Safety Bro® is featured on the cover of all safety induction handbooks, daily work sheets, coffee mugs, message boards, work stations, in the lunch room in the board room and as a sticker on all plant, equipment and vehicles.

In addition to the visual impact of Safety Bro® throughout the work place, the Safety Bro website allows for information on health and leisure activities. Safety Bro® sends safety alerts and other information via SMS messages to employees to further enhance the safety message at Sharpe Bros.

Latest News

Safe Work Australia Week

Safe Work Australia Week will once again focus the nation’s attention on workplace safety. Tragically, over 135,000 Australians are seriously injured at work every year and more than 260 die as a result of work-related injuries.

The award winning Gosford based civil contracting and road maintenance business, Sharpe Bros, will once again be taking part in Safe Work Australia Week events around the country. Joint Managing Directors and brothers, Michael, Richard and Hayden Sharpe are Ambassadors for Safe Work Australia.

Sharpe Bros has made a considerable investment in building a strong safety culture. The company’s workplace safety program was the winner of the 2007 WorkCover Award and the National Safe Work Award for Small Business. The program uses a cartoon character, Safety Bro, to promote occupational health and safety around Sharpe Bros worksites. Safety Bro stickers are plastered all over the company’s worksites and machines, while safety reminders are sent out in regular text messages.

Safety Bro who is normally coloured green, will turn yellow for Safe Work Australia Week, sporting a special edition vest, hat and sign. He will be a constant reminder to staff of the importance of workplace safety.

Sharpe Bros is a business built on safety. As a leader in road repair, widening and maintenance, the company has spent millions of dollars developing unique technology to make roads safer. The award-winning and purpose-built Sidewinder technology provides fast and cost-effective road edge repair without extensive reconstruction and with minimum disturbance to road users. A job which would normally take at least a week with traditional methods, can be completed in a day at a much lower cost. The unique and highly efficient Adjustable Patching process using the Flexipaver machine, can pave roads and intersections at a variety of widths and depths so that all new work matches the surrounding pavement with no dips or bumps – saving time, materials and maintenance costs. For motorists a smooth surface means a superior and safer ride, for clients a smooth surface means stronger, long lasting roads and reduced maintenance.

Further information about Safe Work Australia Week can be found at

Special Feature

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